ELIX’s unique wireless power transfer technology is

a breakthrough in practicality and radiation reduction

with the potential to be implemented in a wide range of applications.


Provides high power operations with more than 90% efficiency.


Generates little radiation and does not interfere with fleet radios or data networks.


Operates in a wide range of weather conditions and environments, even sub-sea.

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ELIX Wireless Announces 10kW Wireless Charging Solution for Transportation, Mining, Material Handling, Oil & Gas and Other Industrial Applications

The E10K Wireless Charging System delivers an industry-leading 10kW of wireless power transfer, operating at a frequency 1000x lower than traditional inductive based systems to enable safer, higher power solutions…

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SHADO Inspiration at Destination Zero Carbon

SHADO International Group Pte Ltd, a Singapore company founded by Mr. Stephen Harper with Singaporean and international partners, announced their newly designed vehicle, SHADO Inspiration…

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