ELIX began as a spin-out from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2013 to commercialize a fundamentally unique wireless power transfer technology. From a proof-of-concept to charging electric vehicles at UBC, ELIX is growing to expand into a wider range of applications and markets such as full-scale EV charging, auxiliary battery charging, industrial charging, undersea charging, and medical charging.

ELIX is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has a presence in Santa Clara, California. Named as one of BC’s top 25 most innovative companies in 2014 and with a global portfolio of investors and partners, ELIX has an international team drawing from a range of science and technology fields, committed to producing the most unique wireless charging systems in the world.


Dr. Boon Chong NG
Dr. Boon Chong NGVP R&D
Ken Lin
Ken LinVP Power Applications
Dr. Bojana Turic
Dr. Bojana TuricVP Medical
Dr. Brice Jamieson
Dr. Brice Jamieson Director of Technology & BD
Dr. Guiping Zou
Dr. Guiping ZouSenior Mechanical Engineer
Arash Ahmadi
Arash AhmadiSoftware Engineer
Abdurakhman Smazov
Abdurakhman SmazovMechatronics Engineer
Dr. Lorne Whitehead
Dr. Lorne WhiteheadCTO
Ray Smith
Ray SmithCFO
Frank Christiaens
Frank ChristiaensChairman



ELIX is Not Inductive Power Transfer, It is MDC

ELIX provides all the convenience you expect in of wireless power transfer using our unique, patented, Magneto-Dynamic Coupling (MDC) technology that operates at a frequency of 80-400 Hz, 1000 times lower than a resonant inductive system. ELIX MDC technology uses the interaction between magnetic fields to create a “remote magnetic gear” system with full 360-degree freedom of orientation.



MDC is an inherently low-frequency technology, meaning it produces much less electromagnetic interference (EMI) than a high-frequency system. It also generates much less heat and loss in nearby materials, meaning it can be used in a wide range of conditions. MDC is naturally suited for underwater applications and it can even send power through metal. MDC is ideal for use in hazardous environments as the ELIX system does not rely on electrical contact between the self-contained units.


MDC provides safe, low-frequency, wireless power at multiple power levels, with the high efficiency demanded of a wireless power connection. While originally developed for automotive charging applications, the ELIX system can be adapted to meet a wide range of electrical power needs from biomedical implants to robotics to the harsh environment of subsea industrial applications.  MDC systems can also be combined for even higher power transfer to meet the demanding needs of industry and eMobility while maintaining low-frequency and high-efficiency operation.


The ELIX system can automatically detect the presence of a receiver and begin charging – a truly “Park-and-Charge” system. The ELIX system can also automatically react when a metallic object comes into the charging zone and, if necessary, remove that object without user intervention. The low-frequency nature of MDC also means it can be naturally adapted for biomedical applications; the ELIX system is fully compliant with the latest standards for human radiation exposure (ICNIRP).

MDC is a completely unique approach to the problem of wireless power transfer and ELIX is ready to show you how your application can benefit. If you want to know more, see our FAQ or send us an email and we’d be glad to help.

See the ELIX MDC Technology in Action 


Apart from the natural applications of MDC in green transportation, ELIX wireless charging technology is a natural fit for all-weather charging and use in hazardous environments.  The reduced electromagnetic fields make our technology an excellent choice for places where charging needs to take place where interference with electrical equipment is undesirable or where induced currents or sparks pose a safety concern. The low frequency of operation supports wireless charging through water without losing efficiency or generating heat, and through metal with better performance than a high-frequency wireless solution.  This is advantageous in many applications including implanted medical devices and underwater vehicles.


ELIX’s patented Magneto-Dynamic Coupling technology enables wireless power transfer in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner across multiple broad market applications. We are presently offering customers the following products (charging power): E1K (1 kW), E8K (7.7 kW), E10K (10 kW), E40K (40 kW).

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Installation of ELIX Systems is Easy and Flexible


ELIX Announces That Its 8000 Watt Wireless Charger Will Be Available Just-in-Time to Support Tesla’s Volume Shipments

Vancouver, April 12, 2016 – ELIX, Canada’s leading developer of wireless charging technology, today announced mass availability of its 8000 Watt wireless charger by the end of 2017, in time to save Tesla 3 owners the hassle of plugging in their cars. Orders for the Tesla 3 have already exceeded 325,000 to date.

ELIX will start taking deposits on the new wireless charger starting May 1. Interested parties can pay a US$388 deposit using the company’s website www.elixwireless.com.

ELIX began shipping its first product last year to various customers in the law enforcement and electrical vehicle industries in Canada, Europe and Asia. The company was started in 2013 by a group of PhDs from Stanford, the University of British Columbia in Canada, and the National University of Ireland. The underlying technology is patent protected.

ELIX technology sets itself apart from traditional inductive charging through a number of unique characteristics: the almost total absence of electro-magnetic radiation, making ELIX the safest technology for public and medical charging; a reduced cost per Watt when scaling the chargers to higher power levels, making ELIX the preferred charging mechanism for electric buses; and the high efficiency of its transmission, making ELIX the preferred charging technology for higher power levels. In addition to all these benefits ELIX can charge in various weather conditions while maintaining high efficiency. ELIX can even transfer electrical power underwater and through various other liquids, such as oil and gasoline.

About the Company

ELIX Wireless is the leader in high performance wireless power transfer, and has delivered a breakthrough in the industry with its Magneto-Dynamic Coupling (MDC) technology. The company’s Wireless Charging Systems are targeted at applications in transportation, mining, material handling, oil & gas, implanted medical devices and autonomous vehicles. ELIX was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The Company has filed various patents in the area of Magneto-Dynamic Coupling. The company is backed by investors from China, Singapore, US and Canada, and has customers in Canada, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.elixwireless.com.

Contact for Media Enquiries

Dr. Brice Jamieson, Director of Technology: brice@elixwireless.com


ELIX WPT technology is based on Magneto-Dynamic Coupling (MDC) where wireless power is transferred via the coupling between a primary (transmitter) magnet and a secondary (receiver) magnet, with the two separated by an air gap.  The secondary magnet is typically a permanent magnet, which moves in response to the time-varying torque arising from the interaction of the two magnets. The motion of the secondary magnet induces an alternating electrical current in close-proximity windings. The frequency of the alternating current corresponds to the frequency of the primary magnetic field and is usually in the low 100’s of Hz.

In contrast, inductive and resonant inductive charging are based on two coils separated by an air gap whereby the primary coil (transmitter) directly causes high-frequency electromagnetic induction in the secondary coil (receiver).  The high frequency is needed to achieve sufficient coupling in a reasonably-sized device.  High frequency operation requires more complex control strategies and capacitive components.  Some people may also be concerned about the safety of radiating fields in the 10’s of kHz, although current safety standards do allow for electromagnetic field exposure at a lower level than in the 100 Hz range of MDC

Yes, ELIX WPT technology is safe to human exposure with a much lower operating frequency than induction charging systems. The electromagnetic field radiation is below the ICNIRP (2010) limits.
The ELIX system produces only slightly more magnetic field than a similarly sized electric motor such as you would find in any industrial or residential setting.
The maximum gap depends on the strength of the magnetic coupling between the primary magnetic and secondary magnetic fields. WPT can be achieved with gaps up to 30cm.
The noise level is about 65 dB at 1 meter away from the installed system. The target goal is a noise level below 55 dB.
The ELIX system is fairly robust to misalignment between the transmitter and receiver. The system works with misalignment in both the x (forward-backward) and y (left-right) axes, as well as when the receiver is tilted horizontally.  The allowable misalignment is different for each of these axes, but in general a planar misalignment of up to 10 cm is allowed as well as a 20 degree tilt.  As well, planar misalignment of the receiver can be compensated further by the mechanical self-alignment of the transmitter.
The operating temperature depends on the components used. Practical minimum and maximum operating temperatures are -40C and 80C with the maximum operating temperature limited by the permanent magnets used. Options to extend the maximum operating temperature to 200C or beyond are available.
The technology is fully capable of working in outdoor environments in rain and snow as well as in an underwater environment.
If the WPT receiver is mounted at least 8 inches above the ground, the receiver will not pick up any ferromagnetic objects. From our operational trials with electric service vehicles at the University of British Columbia and with RCMP patrol vehicles, we have not encountered metallic objects stuck to the receiver.


ELIX Wireless is hiring two positions in China to develop the next generation of wireless charging technology and products. We are seeking candidates who are motivated by the challenge of building new technology and a new company. Candidates must be bright, creative, hard-working, energetic, systematic, diligent team players, with a good command of English. It is very important that candidates are solution rather than process oriented. Compensation will be competitive for a start-up in this space.

Interested parties should send resumés to: frank@elixwireless.com


The Vice-President of Engineering manages and directs corporate engineering for the company. The priorities for this position include strategic planning, product design, quality assurance and problem resolution. The vice president of engineering must execute product design to meet company objectives, partner with management and develop systems and controls to ensure compliance with quality standards.


Hongqiao, Shanghai, China.



Essential Functions

  1. Develops and directs procedures and methods to ensure quality standards are met and maintained.
  2. Provides engineering expertise in the areas of tooling, prints, specifications, product maintenance, raw materials and vended products throughout the organization.
  3. Ensures current and accurate costing (including specials) in conjunction with finance.
  4. Manages engineering budget.
  5. Manages and builds current bill of materials (BOM).
  6. Manages product design from design to execution.
  7. Recommends methods, materials and layouts for improvement based on manufacturing needs and capabilities.
  8. Builds, develops and manages engineering team capable of carrying out needed engineering initiatives.
  9. Performs other related duties as assigned.


  1. Financial Management.
  2. Technical Capacity.
  3. Performance Management.
  4. Business Acumen.
  5. Communication Proficiency.
  6. Ethical Conduct.
  7. Leadership.
  8. Problem Solving/Analysis.
  9. Strategic Thinking.

Supervisory Responsibility

This role is responsible for the supervision of a 10-person team.

Work Environment

While performing the duties of this job, the employee occasionally works in outside weather conditions. The employee occasionally works near moving mechanical parts and in high, precarious places and is occasionally exposed to wet and/or humid conditions, fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals, risk of electrical shock, and vibration. The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet to moderate.

Physical Demands

Work is performed mostly in office settings. Some outdoor work is required in the inspection of various land use developments, construction sites or public works facilities. Hand-eye coordination is necessary to operate drafting instruments, computers and various pieces of office equipment.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is occasionally required to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle, feel or operate objects, tools or controls; and reach with hands and arms. The employee is occasionally required to sit; climb or balance; stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl; talk or hear; and smell.

The employee must occasionally lift and/or move objects up to 25 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

This is a full-time position. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Overnight and occasional international travel is anticipated for this position. Some occasional local day travel may be necessary.

Required Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.

Preferred Education and Experience

  1. Electrical motor technology
  2. Engineering of high volume products
  3. Magnetic materials
  4. MBA
  5. Value engineering
  6. Experience in lean manufacturing environments
  7. Computer proficiency

Director of supply chain management and product control position manages all aspects of purchasing, production planning and scheduling, inventory, shipping and receiving; designs and executes strategies and plans to meet company’s short-term and long-term supply chain management/production control requirements.


Hongqiao, Shanghai, China.



Essential Functions

  1. Implement a fully functional supply chain management/production control infrastructure.
  2. Maintenance and accuracy of data in computer system (input and issuance from inventory, labor reporting, startup of quoting modules, etc.)
  3. Inventory control.
  4. Forecasting.
  5. Production planning/scheduling.
  6. Purchasing.
  7. Distribution and logistics.
  8. Shipping and receiving.
  9. Implement Lean Manufacturing concepts and techniques.


  1. Project Management.
  2. Performance Management.
  3. Communication Proficiency.
  4. Technical Capacity.
  5. Strategic Thinking.
  6. Business Acumen.
  7. Initiative.
  8. Decision Making
  9. Problem Solving/Analysis.

Supervisory Responsibility

This position manages all supply chain partners and outsourced manufacturing partners and is responsible for the performance management and hiring of the employees within that department.

Work Environment

This job operates in a professional office environment. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines. The employee is occasionally exposed to fumes or airborne particles, moving mechanical parts and vibration.

Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk or hear. The employee frequently is required to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle or feel; and reach with hands and arms.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

This is a full-time position, and hours of work and days are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


This position requires up to 50% travel.

Required Education and Experience

  1. 4-year degree preferred, with minimum 5-7 years production control/supply chain management experience.
  2. Experience with purchasing, expediting, quality/continuous improvement initiatives, manufacturing safety practices and relevant software applications.

Preferred Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor/Master/PhD in Industrial Engineering, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering


Reservation for E8K Wireless Charging Systems is open! Interested parties can pay a US$388 refundable deposit for a final E8K product that will be priced at US$3,880 for early adopters. Current reservation is only opened for Canadian and US residents with valid addresses. Expected to be delivered by the end of 2017.

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